USERday 2016

USERday 2016 is your chance to step out of the cage.

Concept & Theme
‘The Glass Cage’, bestselling book by Nicolas Carr, explores how our ever growing dependency on computers, apps and robotics is reshaping our jobs, talents and lives.

USERday 2016, March 22nd – ‘The Glass Cage’ highlights the way the SAP portfolio responds to this trend. As it is SAP's aim to connect almost everything to your business from an IoT perspective, we examine what effect this has on your organisation, your job and your relationship with customers and colleagues.

USERday 2016 is your chance to step out of the cage. It returns to what's important: creativity, talents, passion and sharing all of these human aspects of our work and lives with others.

USERday 2016 will be more international than ever!

EXCLUSIVE - Hala Zeine's outlook for 2020

Hala Zeine will be our keynote speaker at USERday 2016 – 'The Glass Cage'. Hala is Senior Vice President SAP Portfolio at the SAP headquarters in Germany. She rarely gives keynote speeches in belgium – but for she makes an exception.
Hala will give an outlook on where the market will be in 2020, what the key trends are and their influence on SAP's portfolio strategy. An exclusive opportunity that you and every SAP user should seize with both hands.

Influencing SAP – Hans de Labije

In ‘The Glass Cage’ Nicolas Carr explores how technology is reshaping our jobs, talents and lives. USERday 2016, March 22nd, focuses on how this evolution impacts the SAP portfolio in the mid and long term. But also the SAP users can influence SAP's product development, and Hans de Labije knows everything about it.

Participate in the question estafette with Tine Vandenbreeden, Hala Zeine and Frank Haes.   

Tine Vandenbreeden has 5 questions for Frank Haes. And Frank has 5 questions for Hala Zeine. An interesting estafette interview with the COO at SAP Belgium, the President of and the SVP SAP Portfolio at SAP SE.

What's more: One of these questions can be yours. Take your chance at USERday 2016 and ask what you want to know about the future of You can formulate your question on the registration page..

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