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We still have a busy schedule ahead before we can all dig into the holiday festivities. We start off with BI-BO SAP product day on November 18. Afterwards we're looking forward to welcome you to the S&P and CRM commissions the 27th and 28th respectively. Have a look at our event calandar for more details on other the upcoming events.
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On Wednesday October 8 we had our yearly TECHday 'Ahead of the Game' (#TECHday2014) event.  

This years theme was gamification. That is why we interlaced the many interesting presentation sessions with fun and daring activities. Participants had the chance to win TECHcoins at the partner booths and gamble their earnings at our classy casino tables. As usual the house always wins: all the gambling proceeds will be donated to Brothers of Charity




We ended the day with a Quiz. The lucky winner went flying home with a highTECH smartphone-controllable drone! Visit our TECHday page for a complete review of the day or browse the TECHday 2014 photos.

Participants were also very eager to tweet their #TECHday2014 experiences. We collected some of our favotire tweets..


Also check out Tom Cenens' blogpost and storify to get a glimpse of the fun-filled atmosphere. 

All the TECHday photo's will be uploaded as soon as possible.




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BI-BOUG aims to create a real network between all SAP users of BI.

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CRM appeals to a broad audience interested in CRM & Mobility topics.

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FIN caters to the needs of financial specialists, IT SAP finance analysts or managers and SAP finance key users.

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